Invest with us..

Invest With Us

Some fields have been existing since ancestral times but were not very openly promoted. Today Indian education has accepted the need for creative courses and generated employment for creative people. Virtual Voyage college of creative courses owns its brand franchise Models On-Ramp [a fashion modeling and choreography institute in Indore], which enables students to learn fashion modeling courses and take dance training of their interest in the world of glamor, rhythm, and lights. Models On-Ramp is a dance training center in Indore as well as a fashion modeling academy in Indore mentors students to become models, influencers, choreographers, brand ambassadors, and much more. Ou director sir, Shri Abhay Jain has taken the initiative to make fashion modeling courses and dance training centers available to students of tier 2&3 cities as well. He envisions making a change in the creative world by counting on magnificence and grandeur. It would be an honor for us if you or your organization find our mission worthy and want to invest in our venture. Kindly contact us for discussing the details further.