Sponsor any student(s)

Sponsor Any Student(s)

Students have access to learning about the subjects of their choices like fashion modeling courses and dance training now and even parents contribute by supporting students to pursue their field of interest of fashion modeling and choreography. Unfortunately over the years, we have realized that not every student is capable of paying the fees even after discounts are provided. Being a commercial institute Models On-Ramp, a famous fashion modeling institute in Indore has some boundaries that it cannot cross. If you wish to donate a fixed amount from your income to educating a child you will be gifting a valuable skill to a student. The donation you are going to make is counted under the name of the student and is directly sent to the institution, Models On-Ramp, a dance training academy in Indore. You can trace the progress of the student even after their graduation and keep a track of the students' progress in life. If you wish to sponsor any student kindly contact us for further details.